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Panacea Estate

2023 Panacea Estate “Vibrance Series” Semillon

2023 Panacea Estate “Vibrance Series” Semillon

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The Vibrance Series Semillon, with its early harvest essence, engaging palate, and harmonious food pairings, encapsulates the essence of youthful exuberance. From the scent of ripe pears and floral notes to the electrifying finale of passionfruit and green apple on the palate, this wine is a celebration of life's vibrant moments. The label, painted by the winery's own family, reinforces the personal touch that enriches every sip. Whether shared in joyful gatherings or savoured in quiet reflection, this Semillon invites you to embrace the vivacity and energy that define the Vibrance Series.

Appearance: The Vibrance Series Semillon unveils a youthful and radiant appearance that beckons with its clarity and freshness. Its colour, reminiscent of sunlit straw or the palest gold, sets the stage for the vibrancy and liveliness encapsulated within. This wine's visual charm promises a dynamic tasting experience.

Aroma: A gentle swirl of the glass releases an aromatic dance of ripe pears and delicate floral notes. The aroma draws you in with the allure of nature's bounty, showcasing the wine's essential connection to the earth. This combination of fruity and floral scents creates an inviting bouquet that resonates with the wine's inherent vitality.

Palate: From the first sip, the Vibrance Series Semillon takes you on an invigorating journey across the palate. The decision to harvest the grapes early results in a wine that is both crisp and youthful. The lively acidity is a masterful touch, initially lurking in the background and then emerging at the back end of the palate. Here, the acidity transforms into the flavours of passionfruit and green apple, injecting a burst of tangy energy into the wine. This delightful twist adds layers of complexity, creating an engaging interplay.

Food Pairing: Pairing the Vibrance Series Semillon with a cheese like Manchego is a testament to the wine's versatility. The robust, nutty qualities of the cheese harmonize beautifully with the wine's vibrant acidity, showcasing a balance between the rich and the refreshing. Beyond cheese, consider serving this Semillon with a selection of tapas, including dishes such as marinated olives, grilled shrimp, and roasted vegetables. The wine's zesty character elevates these flavours and makes each bite a delightful experience. 

Serving instructions: To fully appreciate the Vibrance Series Semillon, serve it chilled to perfection, ideally between 45-50°F (7-10°C). This temperature range ensures that the wine's fresh and vibrant qualities are showcased while maintaining its exquisite acidity. Choose glassware that captures the wine's aromatic charm, allowing you to fully engage with its aromas.


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