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2022 Panacea Estate Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé

2022 Panacea Estate Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé

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The 2022 Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé captures the very essence of joyful indulgence. Its appearance, aroma, and palate weave a tale of nature's bounty and the artistry of winemaking. With flavours of fresh raspberry and strawberries leading the dance, and the captivating scent of strawberries filling the air, this rosé embodies the spirit of vibrant abundance. When shared among friends, this sparkling gem promises an exquisite journey into the heart of life's vivacious moments.

Appearance: The 2022 Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé pours into the glass with a vibrant and crisp pink hue that dances like summer sunset. Its enchanting colour immediately suggests a refreshing and lively experience, setting the stage for the delight that lies within.

Aroma: Upon approaching the glass, the aroma envelops you in a fragrant embrace dominated by the essence of fresh strawberries. The scent is both captivating and inviting, evoking memories of berry-picking in sun-soaked fields. The strawberries' sweetness and vibrancy are intertwined with a whisper of raspberry, adding a layer of depth to the bouquet. This aromatic symphony transports you to a world of pure indulgence.

Palate: The palate is a jubilant celebration of flavours that mirrors its delicate pink hue. The first sip reveals a burst of fresh raspberry and strawberries that dance on the tongue. The wine's natural effervescence adds a playful liveliness, further enhancing the experience. The fruit is accompanied by a refreshing crispness that invigorates the senses. The palate culminates in a clean and invigorating finish is perfect for a summer day.

Food Pairing: This wine's effervescence and bright flavours make it a splendid match for light and refreshing dishes. Consider pairing it with a variety of appetizers, such as fresh seafood ceviche, strawberry spinach salad, or goat cheese crostini. Its versatility also shines when paired with dishes that feature mild cheeses or grilled vegetables.

Serving instructions: To fully enjoy the vibrancy and effervescence of the Pet Nat Sparkling Rosé, serve it chilled at a temperature of around 8-10°C (46-50°F). Given its nature as a petillant naturel (pet nat), it's recommended to open the bottle slightly before serving to allow any excess pressure to escape. The cloudiness due to natural sediment adds character and authenticity to the experience. Choose to embrace the natural cloudiness of the wine or pour slowly and delicately to keep sediments less disturbed.


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