Tasting Notes

Panacea Estate offers a diverse range of exceptional wines, all crafted from grapes grown on their own vineyards.

Their collection includes captivating red wines, refreshing rosé, elegant white wines, and effervescent sparkling wines.

  • Rich and Full-Bodied Red

    Red wine enthusiasts, Panacea Estate presents a selection of rich and full-bodied options.

    These wines boast complex flavour profiles, combining notes of dark fruits, earthy undertones, and velvety tannins.

    With each sip, the red wines from Panacea Estate transport you to a world of depth and refinement.

  • Light and Vibrant Rosé

    For those seeking a lighter and more vibrant experience, their rosé wines are a delightful choice.

    Crafted with meticulous care, these wines exhibit a beautiful pale pink hue and offer a refreshing medley of fruity aromas and lively acidity.

    Panacea Estate's rosé wines are perfect for warm summer days or as an aperitif.

  • Crisp and Zesty Whites 

    The white wine range from Panacea Estate showcases the purity and elegance of their grapes. Crisp and zesty varieties embody the essence of the vineyard, with notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and minerality that capture the terroir.

  • Celebrate with our Sparkling  

    To add a touch of celebration, Panacea Estate offers a selection of sparkling wines. Crafted with the traditional method, these bubbles capture the essence of joy and festivity.

    With their fine mousse and delicate flavours, they bring an effervescent sparkle to any occasion.


The tasting notes provided are intended as a general description of the typical characteristics of our wines.

However, individual palates, sensitivities, and preferences can significantly influence how each person perceives and interprets the flavours, aromas, and overall characteristics of the wine, this is one of the beauties of wine and wine tasting as it would be exceptionally dull if we were all the same.

Factors such as personal taste preferences, sensitivity to certain flavours or aromas, previous wine-tasting experiences, and even environmental factors can impact the perception of the wine's taste.

Therefore, while we strive to offer accurate and detailed tasting notes, we cannot guarantee that every individual will experience the wine in the same way.

We encourage wine enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the wine for themselves to discover the unique aspects that resonate with their own taste buds.

Wine tasting is a subjective and personal experience, and we hope that our wines brings delight and enjoyment to each individual in their own unique way.