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At Panacea Estate the premium wine range requires many things to fall into place for the wine to reach this standard and why we only have a limited number of wines in this premium range. By take full advantage of the winemakers wealth of knowledge and expertise in crafting wines of the highest calibre, the art of aging, and good years that yield exceptional fruit we are able to create a select few wines that stand out above the rest. Not every vintage or wine from Panacea Estate makes its way to the premium range due to their stringent quality standards. Each bottle representing the Panacea brand must meet specific criteria to ensure its exceptional nature. Factors such as grape quality, flavour profile, aging potential, and overall excellence are carefully evaluated. This selective approach guarantees that only the most outstanding wines are designated as premium, providing customers with an unforgettable experience with each bottle they choose.

Meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire winemaking process, from vineyard cultivation to fermentation and aging is required to make a premium wine. By carefully selecting the finest grapes and employing precise techniques, they ensure that each bottle of Panacea Estate wine embodies excellence.

Some wines, particularly those made from specific grape varieties or vineyards, benefit greatly from extended aging. Allowing certain wines to mature gracefully over time helps them to continue to improve and become something special. The process imparts complexity, depth, and nuanced flavours, making each sip a delightful experience. While some of the wines on this list have been aged already they will have the opportunity to continue to improve with further aging. 

The availability of good years plays a significant role in the production of premium wines. Mother Nature's role cannot be underestimated, as the climate, weather patterns, and soil conditions greatly influence grape quality. During exceptional years, when the elements align perfectly, the resulting fruit exhibits exceptional characteristics, such as concentrated flavours, balanced acidity, and optimal ripeness. Panacea Estate capitalizes on these ideal years as the only ones that can be selected into the premium range.


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