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Panacea Estate

2020 Chapple Cairn Curran Semillon

2020 Chapple Cairn Curran Semillon

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The Semillon is an embodiment of thoughtful winemaking and the embrace of time. From its golden yellow appearance to its lush pear flavours and exotic passionfruit finish, this wine paints a portrait of depth and vibrancy. Its versatility in pairing and the promise of aging well add to its allure, making it a wine that can be savoured in the moment or treasured for years to come. The Semillon's bolder character and promise of aging well invite you to explore its evolution over time. While delightful to enjoy now, consider cellaring a few bottles to experience its transformation into an even more complex and captivating wine. With its structure and flavour profile, it holds the potential to become an ageless gem in your collection.

Appearance: This Semillon wine presents a captivating golden yellow hue that embodies its depth and character. It's a testament to the bold decision to let it linger longer on the vine, crafting a wine that stands apart. The allure of its colour hints at the remarkable experience that awaits within.

Aroma: As you approach the glass, an aromatic symphony unfolds. The fragrance tells the tale of a wine that has embraced time. Ripe pear notes take centre stage, offering a delightful and inviting aroma reminiscent of an orchard in its prime. But there's more to this journey—the scent gradually transitions to a vibrant passionfruit finish, infusing the bouquet with a touch of exotic allure.

Palate: On the palate, the Semillon takes you on a journey through a spectrum of flavours. The decision to let it linger on the vine lends it a boldness that stands out. The journey begins with the lush sweetness of ripe pears, embracing your senses with a luscious and indulgent introduction. Then, like a crescendo, the wine evolves, unveiling a passionfruit finish that brings a zesty twist. This dynamic interplay of flavours showcases the wine's complexity and artistry.

Food Pairing: The Semillon's depth and richness make it an excellent companion for a variety of dishes. Its ripe pear notes harmonize well with lighter fare, such as seafood dishes and salads. Consider pairing it with a succulent grilled shrimp salad or a delicate crab pasta. The wine's passionfruit finish provides a refreshing contrast, adding a layer of intrigue to your dining experience.

Serving instructions: To truly appreciate the nuances of the Semillon, serve it chilled to perfection at around 7-10°C. This temperature allows the wine's richness and vibrancy to shine, while also preserving its intricate aromas. Opt for white wine glasses with a slightly narrower bowl, as this shape concentrates the aromas and directs them to your senses.

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