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Panacea Estate

2016 Chapple Cairn Curran Winemakers Classic Shiraz

2016 Chapple Cairn Curran Winemakers Classic Shiraz

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The 2016 Shiraz is a masterpiece that encapsulates the winemaker's skill and the vineyard's potential. From its inky darkness to its opulent aromas and flavours. With its jammy fruits, overripe plums, and whispers of cherries, it paints a portrait of abundance and boldness. The touch of residual sweetness, coupled with the meticulous winemaking process and the influence of French oak, brings layers of depth and complexity. 

Appearance: Commanding attention with its inky darkness, casting an aura of deep, rich reds that hint at its full-bodied and robust character. This wine's appearance embodies its intensity and complexity, inviting you to explore the depths within the glass.

Aroma: Upon nosing the glass, the wine exudes a captivating aroma that is both powerful and inviting. The fragrance of jammy fruits and overripe plums envelops the senses, painting a picture of sun-soaked vineyards. Subtle hints of cherries dance alongside, adding a layer of brightness to the bouquet. These fruit-driven notes are complemented by a gentle trace of vanilla, a testimony to the French oak barrels that nurtured the wine during its maturation.

Palate: The palate experience is a symphony of rich and opulent flavours that resonate with its full-bodied nature. Luscious jam and overripe plum flavours take centre stage, enveloping the tongue with their fullness. The decision to extend the grape's time on the vine yields a wine with elevated sugar and alcohol content, contributing to its lavish profile. This contributes to a touch of residual sweetness that amplifies the wine's richness. The wine's winemaking journey, marked by intense skin contact, infuses it with the robust essence of the grape skins.

Food Pairing:  This wine's robust flavours and textures make it an exceptional partner for hearty, flavourful dishes. Consider serving it with grilled meats such as ribeye steak or game meats, where its intensity can stand up to the depth of flavours. It also pairs delightfully with slow-cooked dishes like braised short ribs. For an indulgent match, savour it alongside a rich chocolate dessert, where its fruitiness and complexity create a harmonious finale.

Serving instructions: To fully embrace the depth of the 2016 Shiraz, serve it at a temperature of around 15-18°C. Decanting the wine for approximately an hour before serving allows its aromas and flavours to fully bloom, unveiling their intricate nuances. Opt for large-bowled red wine glasses that provide ample space for the wine's aromatics to develop and captivate the senses.


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