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Panacea Estate

2021 Panacea Estate Pet Nat Sparkling Semillon (Sold Out)

2021 Panacea Estate Pet Nat Sparkling Semillon (Sold Out)

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The Sparkling Semillon Pet Nat, with its golden allure, fruity vibrancy, and refreshing acidity, embodies the spirit of spontaneity and celebration. The pear and honeydew flavours, enhanced by passionfruit acidity and a touch of hay, create a symphony of sensations that awaken the senses. This wine's versatility in pairing with various dishes and its inviting aroma make it a delightful companion for both festive gatherings and moments of quiet reflection. Whether shared with friends or enjoyed in solitude, this Sparkling is a testament to the beauty of embracing life's effervescent pleasures.

Appearance: This Sparkling Semillon Pet Nat enchants the eye with its radiant golden yellow hue. The colour captures the warmth of a summer sunrise, evoking a sense of anticipation and celebration. Its effervescence is effusive yet playful, inviting you to experience the joy that this wine brings.

Aroma: As you approach the glass, a delicate and inviting bouquet unfolds. The wine offers a captivating combination of aromas, where notes of ripe pear and honeydew intermingle, creating a lush and fruity foundation. A distinctive twist comes in the form of passionfruit acidity, which infuses the aroma with a burst of tropical vibrancy. Beneath these fruity layers, a subtle hint of hay adds a rustic charm to the aroma, enhancing the wine's character with an earthy touch.

Palate: On the palate, the Sparkling Semillon Pet Nat delivers a lively and engaging experience. The taste is a delightful balance between the lush sweetness of pear and honeydew, and the invigorating acidity reminiscent of passionfruit. This interplay creates a dynamic tension that dances across your taste buds. The wine's dry nature accentuates its crispness, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a vibrant and enlivening sip. The finish is clean and rejuvenating, leaving a memory of the fruity and herbal flavours that linger.

Food Pairing: The pear and honeydew flavours align harmoniously with dishes that feature fresh ingredients, such as a summer salad adorned with ripe fruits and a light vinaigrette. Seafood dishes embrace the wine's passionfruit acidity, elevating their flavours and providing a zesty counterpoint. 

Serving instructions: To fully appreciate the Sparkling Semillon Pet Nat, serve it well-chilled, ideally between 4-7°C. The lower end of this temperature range maintains the wine's refreshing character while allowing its vibrant aromas and effervescence to take centre stage. Choose glassware that captures the wine's effervescent display, such as tulip-shaped glasses or even stemless flutes. The casual elegance of these glasses complements the wine's character and invites you to embrace the spontaneous joy that it embodies.


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