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Panacea Estate

2019 Panacea Estate Shiraz

2019 Panacea Estate Shiraz

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Aged for two years in French Oak, this central Victorian Shiraz is a testament to both nature and craftsmanship. Its petrichor aroma and smooth earthiness evoke a sense of connection to the land, while the flavours of black forest fruits, ripe cherries, and light plum intertwine in a captivating dance on the palate. This wine speaks to the winemaker's dedication to preserving the essence of the terroir and the art of creating a truly remarkable sensory experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or shared in the company of good food and friends (what we believe is a panacea and aim for at our estate), this Shiraz embodies the heart and soul of central Victorian winemaking.

Appearance: The central Victorian Shiraz pours into the glass with a captivating depth, showcasing rich hues of deep red, mauve, and violet. Its enchanting colours hint at the complex flavours and aromas that lie within, promising a sensory journey ahead.

Aroma: As you bring the glass to your nose, the wine greets you with a captivating petrichor scent that evokes memories of rain-soaked earth and the freshness of nature. This earthiness intertwines with delicate notes of oak, courtesy of its two-year maturation in French Oak barrels. Subtle hints of vanilla and spice mingle with the cherries and plumb, creating an aromatic dance that is both soothing and intriguing.

Palate: On the palate, this Shiraz delivers a smooth and velvety experience that glides across your taste buds. The pronounced earthiness persists, offering a genuine sense of terroir, while ripe cherries dominate the forefront. The light plum flavours lend a touch of sweetness that balances beautifully with the wine's overall depth. Tannins are integrated seamlessly, contributing to the wine's velvety texture without overpowering the palate. The aging process in French Oak adds a touch of complexity, with gentle whispers of vanilla and subtle spices enhancing the overall tasting experience.

Food Pairing: This central Victorian Shiraz pairs wonderfully with a range of dishes that complement its nuanced flavours. Consider serving it alongside roasted game meats like venison or duck, which will harmonize with the wine's earthy notes and enhance its fruit-forward character. The wine's smoothness makes it an excellent companion to dishes featuring rich sauces or reductions. Additionally, grilled portobello mushrooms or a hearty ratatouille would bring out the wine's earthy qualities while letting its ripe cherry and plum flavours shine.

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