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Panacea Estate

2016 Chapple Cairn Curran Reserve Shiraz

2016 Chapple Cairn Curran Reserve Shiraz

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The 2016 Reserve Shiraz stands as a testament to the winemaker's craft using traditional wine making techniques and the vineyard's potential. From its captivating appearance to its opulent aromas and flavours, this wine offers a glimpse into the soul of the grape. With its jam, plum, and cherry flavours, alongside the distinct pepper finish, it paints a portrait of abundance and complexity. The touch of residual sweetness, paired with the meticulous winemaking process and the influence of American and French oak, creates a multi-layered experience. 

Appearance: The 2016 Reserve Shiraz pours into the glass with a captivating and deep ruby-red hue, hinting at its full-bodied and robust character. This wine's colour is a reflection of its intensity and richness, drawing you into its allure and setting the stage for a sensory journey.

Aroma: Upon nosing the glass, the wine opens with an aromatic embrace that balances power and allure. The fragrance of ripe jam, plums, and cherries takes centre stage, evoking the warmth of sun-drenched vineyards. This triumvirate of fruitiness captivates the senses with its richness. As the bouquet unfolds, a distinct hint of pepper emerges, adding a touch of complexity and vibrancy to the aroma. This pepper finish is a signature note that lends an intriguing twist to the wine's profile.

Palate: The 2016 Shiraz indulges the palate with a luxurious tapestry of flavours that mirror its full-bodied nature. The trio of jam, plums, and cherries elegantly interweave, creating a symphony of ripe fruitiness that blankets the tongue. The grapes' extended time on the vine until late in the season is evident in the wine's heightened sugar and alcohol content, bestowing it with a sumptuous and opulent profile. The winemaking process, characterized by intensive skin contact, infuses the wine with the full richness of the grape skins.

Food Pairing: This wine's robust flavours and textures are an excellent match for hearty and flavourful dishes that elevate its bold character. Consider pairing it with grilled or smoked meats, such as barbecued ribs or charred steak, where the wine's intensity can hold its own. Additionally, the distinct pepper finish of the wine beautifully complements spiced dishes, adding a layer of intrigue to every bite.

Serving instructions: To fully experience the nuances, serve at a temperature of around 15-18°C. Decanting the wine for approximately an hour before serving allows its aromas and flavours to fully bloom, revealing their intricate layers. Opt for large-bowled red wine glasses that provide ample space for the wine's aromatics to develop and enthral the senses.

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