Dog Friendly Winery

Dog Friendly Winery

At Panacea Estate, we are are a dog friendly vineyard, we believe that every member of your family should be part of your special day—including your cherished four-legged friends! 

We're delighted to announce that our vineyard is a dog-friendly venue, so you can bring your beloved canine companions along enjoy your experience with you.

To ensure a joyous and safe experience for all, we kindly ask that you adhere to our pet-friendly guidelines:

  • All dogs must be sociable and well-behaved around other guests and pets.
  • Dogs should remain on a leash at all times within the estate grounds.
  • Please be considerate and clean up after your pets to maintain the beauty of our venue.

With ample space and stunning natural scenery, Panacea Estate offers the perfect setting for your dogs to enjoy alongside you. 

Whether roaming our vast, open areas or relaxing by your side, your dogs are welcome to join in the festivities and create unforgettable memories with you at Panacea Estate.

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